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Moving to a new place is a very meaningful event for any organization or family. It involves a lot of organization and preparation because it involves transportation of office materials, documentation, personal items and furniture, to which you are attached.

Our specialists will take charge of all steps in the process and provide correct and effective packing and moving services.

Moving home or office consists of functional stages that have to be completed consecutively.


The first stage:

Necessary packaging materials for packing of office furniture and personal items are delivered to the customer a day before the move at the agreed time. Office staff packs documents and personal items under their control, mark them, by location. Tables, cupboards and other furniture is emptied.
If the customer so wishes, we can arrange all packing efforts with our own specialists.

The second stage:

At the agreed time our people start preparations for transportation of the contents of the office or home and, if required, furniture and computer equipment is dismantled.
All items are loaded on the appropriate vehicle and transported to the new premises.

The third stage:

In the new location the furniture, office equipment, etc. is unpacked, mounted and placed in position according to the customer's plan.Our staff will assist with placing the furniture in the new office. For both office and home removals, our service includes the collection and destruction of used packing materials.

The cost of these services depends on the client's requirements and the time spent. We take into account factors such as:

  • Quantity and types of furniture and other items
  • Number of Maximum staff required to execute the move
  • Number and size of trucks required
  • Type and quantity of packing material
  • Requirement to disassemble, assemble, pack, unpack the furniture and other items
  • Requirement to dismantle and mount computer or household equipment
  • Distance between addresses
  • Access to the location, number of stories, availability and type of lift


Based on the information on your Application, our specialists can assess the volume of items to be transported and prepare a quotation.