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External economic activity involves crossing of State Borders and therefore requires compulsory customs clearance of goods.

«Maximum Logistic Company» renders this service as Customs Broker (Registration number GTK KR No. 0033/TB – 260112). Long experience, certified specialists and the necessary technical tools allow us to undertake the clearance of our customer's goods in the shortest possible time. Our task is to provide professional service from the date of contract signing untill the delivery of the cargo at the consignee's warehouse.

“Maximum Logistic Company” offers a wide range of professional customs clearance services:

  • Correction and preparation of advance customs documents (invoice, packing list, forms of customs documentation);
  • Preparation of additional permits and documentation from government departments (Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the KR, National Standards, State communication agency of the KR, Sanitary-epidemiological station, Plant quarantine State inspection, Ministry of culture of the KR and et al..);
  • Arranging of export and import cargo customs clearance;
  • Arranging the customs clearance under special customs regimes: temporary export/import, processing outside the customs territory, preferential customs clearance fixed assets, customs warehouse;
  • E-declaration of cargo (customs declaration1, customs declaration2, customs receipt voucher)
  • Classification of goods by codes of Foreign Economic Activity Commodity Nomenclature (FEACN), calculation of duty payments;
  • Registration of letters and representation of interests of Foreign Economic Activity participants in custom authority;
  • Translation and legalization of cargo forwarding documents;
  • Consulting on issues of Foreign Economic Activity


Maximum Logistic Company's specialist strictly observe the Customs legislation and ensure that our clients' goods are cleared with minimal participation of the client in this process.