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Cargo insurance is used to ensure the protection of your goods from risks associated with in the handling and transportation from shipper to consignee.

With the improvement of infrastructure, technologies, and professionalism in logistics, the risk connected with possible damage or loss is kept to a minimum. However, cargo insurance guarantees compensation for damage or loss in case an insured event occurs.

“Maximum Logistic Company” offers its clients the service of cargo insurance for any type of transport. We will organize all matters connected with the preparation of the Insurance Policy.

Advantages of insurance against risks:

  • Economic security of Company;
  • Full compensation for damages in the case of insurance event;
  • Wide range of insured risks;
  • Responsibility according to insurance agreement commences from the moment of taking of insured cargo from the warehouses in the departure point and continues during the whole transportation period (including transshipment and storage at the points of transshipment), until cargo is delivered to the point of destination stated in the insurance policy;
  • Individual approach to each client.


The insurance premium is always related to degree of risk and depends on the type of cargo, packing, and mode of transport and transportation route.

As agent, relying on long-term partnership relations with insurance companies, we arrange the cargo insurance at beneficial conditions for our clients.